LD Luxury Distribution is a concrete example of female entrepreneurship that takes hold of the market, confronting it with professionality and seriousness. It is not just a simple showroom, even if it is located in the prestigious location of via Della Spiga, 15 in the heart of the Fashion District and houses quality brands. It engages a sui generis concept, unlike any other. The background of the two founders, Angelika Kelch and Sydney Haley, speaks for itself: both have a rich and varied career path, devoted more to 360 degrees consultancy than to mere distribution. If Angelika boasts a resume that spans precisely the distribution of fashion brands in the premium and luxury sector (especially in Europe and China), marketing, brand development, sourcing and building line, Sydney is her perfect counterpart: born in America, with 25 years’ experience in the luxury goods sector and international promotion of Italian brands. Thanks to the collaboration with important private equity groups, she has refined the ability to select the right brands, those that know how to “pierce” the market. “We rely on four mantras,” explains Angelika, “The first, which is very close to our heart, is support for the female entrepreneurial world. As foreign women we have chosen to live in Italy for more than 20 years. Every day we touch firsthand a reality. The reality of companies created and managed by women, creators of fantastic products but which are not sufficiently valued. Here we go on the pitch, also with the support of European funds.” Angelika focuses on the second mantra, democratic luxury. “In response to the specific needs of international buyers, looking for quality brands, but with affordable prices (and in this the Italians are second to none). The luxury sector has self-inflated, due to brands that have literally “inundated” the planet with their single-brand online and offline. The result is a general weariness of the consumer, which must be reawakened with alternative proposals.” Sydney intervenes illustrating the third mantra, the focus on Italian creativity and innovation. “In our showroom we prefer projects that are research driven and that are committed to using particular production techniques. Some examples: the 3D print bags that give off a particular perfume, or the outdoor jackets lined with marble dust, for optimal thermoregulation. All with a common thread, the real “Made in Italy. “And the fourth mantra? “It can only be sustainability,” concludes Sydney, “Aware of the fact that fashion can also help save the planet we pay special attention to all the biologically correct materials and processes, always and in any case, companies managed by female entrepreneurs”.