Company’s range of action was greatly enlarged: from the Italian market – point of reference until year 2000 – Volpi creations have reached today the best European boutiques and the most important and strategic cities in the Middle East, up to lead the Russian market.
In our Company we work for a continuous improvement, always looking forward, both in the constant care and in the improvement of the product development, both in the conquer of new markets and in the consolidation of those where we are alrady present.
Each article is the result of a perfect combination of a fashion concept and the technical choice dictated by the market, without losing the unique style of Made in Italy.
Volpi Confezioni was born in 1950 in San Romano (Pisa), in the province of Pisa, in the heart of Tuscany, from an intuition of two brothers, Rino and Castruccio Volpi.
The roles are well defined: one is responsible of the tannery, while the other takes care of the garments.
In the 60s the final turn toward what will become the company’s core business: the fur dressing.
In the 90s Volpi expands the product with the addition of leather, padded jackets and technical fabrics, making articles more contemporary and giving them more romantic and feminine allure, but preserving at the same time the sartorial tradition of fur dressing.