Another mission that propels LD is offering “Smart Items” “Made in Italy”.  Smart Items that are also innovative items.  LD presents collections created with something new and that are unknown in Europe: innovative materials, techniques and treatments.  It is important that they are not saturated on the Web.

“Smart Items” because all the collections presented at LD offer optimal quality “Made in Italy” with competitive prices in line with other companies that have chosen to invest more in the product then in PR and Marketing.  Refined collections that can be easily placed alongside well known luxury brands, giving the buyer the possibility to mix pure luxury brands with high quality collections that have luxury opening price points.

For this reason, the concept of LD is to give a hand to buyers, that already have limited time, and provide an immediate and clear vision of the brands presented.  The collections are introduced in a way that from the moment you open the showroom door you can immediately understand the mood, colors, season and the way to combine the accessories, clothing….” THE LOOK” in their own store.

The company

Luxury Distribution Retail Clients are international buyers that today must face and satisfy a clientele that is schooled by Internet and that is up to date on the latest products and catwalk shows, bespoken on the Web.




Angelika is an expert in Worldwide Distribution for Luxury and Premium Fashion Brands.  Her specialties include Consultancy in Marketing and Media, Trend Analysis, Brand/Product Development including Sourcing, Line Building, and Collection Development for Target Markets.  She has long standing relationships with Key Clients Worldwide with special knowledge of European Markets and special emphasis on the Chinese Market. Her Consultancies and collaborations with Private Equity Groups in the analysis of various Fashion Brands has been fundamental for acquisition objectives.



A product from America, Sydney’s experience spans twenty-five years of expertise in luxury goods sales and worldwide distribution. Engaging Italy as her platform to promote Fashion Brands “MADE in ITALY” to the rest of the world, she has established long relationships with key clients worldwide. Collaborations with Private Equity Groups in identifying, commercially analyzing and acquiring Fashion Brands has developed her intuition for selecting Brands with commercial potential and style longevity.